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Zubrowka ZU Bison Grass Flavored Vodka

In a remote corner of Poland lies a mysterious place called Bialowieza, the last primeval forest in Europe. It is here that 450 wild zubr, or bison, roam free. This herd is one of the last of its kind and is granted the strictest protection under national and international environmental laws.

Deep in the forest's canopy grows a distinctively aromatic plant-Hierochloe odorata, or bison grass. Named in honor of the bison, for which the grass is a favorite food, this sweet-smelling plant grows in small clumps, resists cultivation and is still exclusively hand-harvested by the same 21 registered families that have been harvesting the grass for centuries.

Since the 14th Century, bison grass has been used to infuse flavor into Zubrowka (ZOO-BROV-KA), a singular vodka of supreme smoothness. A blade of this grass is hand-placed into each bottle, a tradition that honors the ingredient that lends a flavor unlike any other to this cherished vodka.

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Size 750 ml
ABV - Alcohol by Volume 40%




making this vodka since the 1400's?Review by The typsy historian
You have to respect this kind of tradition, these people have been making this vodka for so many generations, from their local environment. It is of the very highest quality, very clean and pure. (Posted on 10/26/2015)

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