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La Cava De Los Morales Mezcal Ultra Premium Blanco

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La Cava de Los Morales Tequila Blanco is 100% Agave and produced at Destiladora de Valle de Tequila. This Kosher certified Blanco Tequila is bottled directly after distillation.

La Cava de Los Morales – “From the Cellar of Eduardo Morales”
From the 3rd Generation of the Villanueva Family Distilleries another chapter is written in the 100% category and the vision of Eduardo Morales produces another option for quality, value & purity.

Morales Tequila is crafted at the Destiladora del Valle NOM 1438 where meticulous attention to detail and passionate production of over 30 Tequilas occur on a weekly basis.

“Morales 100% Agave Tequila is an option for restaurants, bars, hotels and Mixologists that want to serve their guests a pure product for about the same cost of a mixto” says Mr. Morales. He also stated “I developed a recipe that I’m proud to put my name on and at a price that I feel is honest and beneficial to the trade.”

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Additional Info

Size 1 Liter
Man Mexico
ABV - Alcohol by Volume 43%


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