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About Us

Are you looking for fine wine or tasty liquor? How about a delicious sandwich with your drink? That’s right, we said sandwich. Or perhaps you would prefer some sliced cheese to accompany your wine?

At Beverly Hills Liquor & Wine, located on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, CA, not only can you expect greatness from our beverages, but even from our deli which will surprise you with great food made with real love at an affordable price. Fine winery is delicate, and we strive to deliver only the best of knowledge regarding it.

After all, obtaining high quality customer satisfaction is a goal for us, and by having correct and plentiful information on our products, we can provide excelled services by highlighting your wants and expectations to deliver exactly what you're looking for.

Dating back to ancient Egypt, wine has a long run of exquisite taste and bountiful production that came from a unique origin. We would like you to experience this exquisiteness at it's absolute finest. At Beverly Hills Liquor & Wine, we have got it all, and it is no secret.

Focused on your preferences and needs, our store and our website has a wide selection available to suit every taste, with a price range to suit every wallet as well! We have been said to carry the finest high-end tequilas around with a variety of choices.

Customer service IS priority. If you’re looking for a specific, special kind of wine or liquor, we can help you find it. Please feel free to ask us anything, as we are glad to help out with any questions you may have for us. We also will honor prices, as we take pride in offering the best of the best.

When we deliver packages filled with your items, we are sure to create beautiful, eye-catching bundles that you deserve with the speed that you need! We offer quality service where we do not just know the drinks; we get to know our customers too.

Quality service is important to us because we know how hard it can be to find it paired with quality goods! We take pride in our knowledge on our wide selection and our ability to understand a customer’s desires. We are looking forward to seeing you in our store, and even more so, looking forward to helping you find exactly what you are looking for.