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Kentucky Owl Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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15 Barrels, 4 Barrels 8-9 Years Old, Introduced to New Charred Oak at Year 2, 11 Barrels 13+ Years Old
Bottles: 2,535
118 Proof / 59% Alcohol by Volume

Nose has notes of caramel toffee, sweet char, crème brulee, cinnamon, vanilla and apple . Bright initial rich caramel sweetness. Vanilla and toffee coats the front of the palate, lingers and then spreads across the back. Mid-palate tingles with pepper, cinnamon, and a hint of ginger. Finish is lingering spice with deep oak notes.

Batch No. 7
Bottle 146 of 2535

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Additional Info

Size 750 ml
Man USA (United States of America)
ABV - Alcohol by Volume 59%


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