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Jim Beam Devil's Cut Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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A bourbon so rich,
you'd think we made a deal with the devil.
We take the liquid we extract from our barrels, blend it with extra-aged Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey and bottle it at 90 proof to create a premium bourbon with extra depth and complexity. Designed to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, Jim Beam Devil’s Cut has a robust flavor with deep color, aroma and character.

Once bourbon is emptied out of a barrel, quite a large amount (about 7 gallons) remains soaked into the wood of the barrels. Jim Beam created a proprietary process to extract this whisky out of the barrel staves, using heat, water, and agitation on the barrels from 6 year old bourbons. It is called the “devil’s cut” because it is typically product lost to the barrel, contrasted to the “angel’s share” which is whiskey lost to the atmosphere through evaporation out of the barrel. This whisky has been around for some years, but was one of the first bourbons pushing for the very oak-centered bourbons which are now quite popular.

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Additional Info

Size 750 ml
Man USA (United States of America)
ABV - Alcohol by Volume 45%


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