Johnnie Walker King George VThe distinct logo of a striding man and an iconic square bottle gives the Johnnie Walker brand of Scotch whiskies to become one of the world’s most recognizable and easily distinguishable spirits, not to mention being of the finest quality. The Johnnie Walker and Sons King George V is more than just another label of the famous brand. It is more of a celebration of the distillery’s distinction of being given the Royal Warrant recognition by King George V in the early parts of the 19th century, specifically in 1934.


Since its founding in 1820, the Johnnie Walker brand, then known as Walker’s Kilmarnock Whisky, has been supplying the Royal Household with only the finest Scotch whisky ever to come out of the island nation. Although the company started by John “Johnnie” Walker was small by today’s standards, it nonetheless flourished into one of the world’s best known and well-loved brands of Scotch whisky. John’s legacy was furthered by his son Alexander and grandson Alexander II who were instrumental in giving the worldwide recognition that the Johnnie Walker brand of whiskey now enjoys.


The Johnnie Walker and Sons King George V is a beautiful concoction of only the finest and most aged whiskies in sherried oak casks from the manyKing George Vfamous distilleries that have been operating in the quarter of a century reign of King George V, from 1910 to 1936. These casks of wonderfully aged malt whiskies have been carefully selected and blended only by the masters of spirits of the Johnnie Walker brand to produce what could be the company’s most iconic spirits expression to date. What makes the King George blend is that it is a celebration of the finest whiskies of that era.


A liquor delivery man can outright tell you that the King George V blend is nothing less than regal and opulent. Its rich and intense layers of flavors and distinct aromas make it very sensuous, a must try for the gentleman with very fine tastes in whiskies. Marvelously bottled in a very royal flint glass decanter, epitomizing the very iconic and clearly enigmatic Johnnie Walker label, the King George V blend comes with a unique serial number etched in a certificate of authenticity to make sure that you get only the best of the world’s finest Scottish blend of whisky.


The King George V blend is more known for its sheer sophistication and surprisingly subtle restraint that can only come from the best of Scotland’s distilleries such as the famed Port Ellen Distillery. The malts coming from Port Ellen has been known to provide the King George V with a unique character that can only be described as powerful and resonant yet slow.


Johnnie Walker King George VThe hints of fruity sweetness from a mixture of pears, apples, and bananas blend quite well with the malty richness of the King George V. Immersing your nasal passages in the blend’s sweet aroma can give you a very unique experience of the aromas of sweet dried fruits blended with spiciness and the nasal complexity of figs, cinnamon, and raisins. The palate should be smooth with sweet fruity richness blanketed by the subtle flavors of smoke and sandalwood.


The Johnnie Walker & Sons King George V finishes in one powerful, rich and complex, yet very smooth flow that leaves the mouth certain warmth with rich peaty lingering finish.