Jack Daniels Sinatra Century BlogThe Tennessee bourbon maverick Jack Daniel’s is superbly making another round of precision take at the legendary singer, Frank Sinatra’s unequivocal passion and unbridled love for Jack Daniel’s creations with an entirely different yet mega high-end bottling of its iconic Tennessee Whiskey. People who have already savored the rich oaky sweetness and ostentatious sensuality of the Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select, the Tennessee marvel’s most-awaited sequel, the Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century will surely be a blast from the past.


Jack Daniel’s produced the long-awaited Sinatra Century more as a celebration of the legendary Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday. The Sinatra Century is carefully made from the same kind of unique and truly remarkable alligator-charred oak barrels as its predecessor, the JD Sinatra Select. What makes it very unique is that Jack Daniel’s had to closely collaborate with the Sinatra clan in order to bring out the character Frank has been known for and well-loved about in every bottle of the Sinatra Century.

 Jack Daniel's Sinatra Century

From the sampling of the different batches of bourbon to the selection of the oak barrels that will go in every single bottle of the centennial, Frank Sinatra’s family was at the helm. All Jack Daniel’s had to do was to make sure that these choices truly epitomize the iconic character of the legend himself. It’s is not just the Jack Daniel name that is in the bottle, but also Frank Sinatra’s reputation and world-wide fame. Ask any bourbon expert in any of the posh liquor store Los Angeles and you can see why the Sinatra Century is simply a befitting tribute to an icon.


With Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday fast approaching by the 12th of December 2015, nothing can be more fitting as a gift pack to your loved ones or simply as a very appropriate celebratory bourbon to commemorate Sinatra’s 100 years than Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century. Each bottle is individually numbered and graded at 100 proof, all the more fitting to the centennial of the Ol’ Blue Eyes. They all come in very elaborate gift packaging worthy of a centennial celebration.


Opening the Sinatra Century is instantaneously appealing. The nose can be quite heady, with the notes of heavy baking spice and loads of nutmeg and cinnamon. Add a hint of brown butter and the influence of alligator-charred barrels and you are transported into Sinatra’s era. The Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century offers a manageable and very engaging alcoholic burn that can only come from its 100 proof. This works pretty well with the person who has a grandiose nose.


Letting it sit on the palate, the Sinatra Century can literally keep the whole experience going with fresh butterscotch flavors mixed with cinnamon and a surprisingly delectable bitter-sweetness of Mexican chocolate. There are some notes of charcoal leading to a more refreshing and astonishingly pleasant bittersweet cocoa richness with a faint influence of cherry and blazing molasses.


The Sinatra century’s balance of flavors is nearly spot-on, almost perfect. It bounces from spicy goodness to bitter-sweet chocolatiness to delightfully smoky char and then back again. Despite the Sinatra Century’s higher proof, it is surprisingly refreshing and mild on the tongue. Jack Daniel’s has finally made the best product befitting a legend.