Patron creates a stellar lineup of tequilas, each one with its own distinctive flavor. Silver Patron is a white variety that’s made from the finest Weber Blue Agave, while Reposado Patron is aged for a minimum of two months for a smooth taste with just a hint of oak. Want a tequila that is ideal for sipping? The Anejo Patron is the one. It’s oak-aged for over 12 months, and intensely flavorful.

The Roca Patron varieties are crafted a little differently. They use the tahona process which results in a complex flavor. Roca Patron Silver gives off a unique flavor of pumpkin, black pepper, and lime tea. Roca Patron Reposado is a bit of a sweeter indulgence with hints of oak, vanilla, ginger, and caramel. The Anejo is a fruitier variety, that bursts with raisin, wood, nuts, and grapefruit after a 14-month aging process.

For the ultimate luxury, Gran Patron is what you need. The Gran Patron Platinum is distilled three times, making it one of the most quality tequilas out there. It’s a smooth ride with a bold flavor. Piedra is aged for three years, while Burdeos is a luxurious anejo that finishes its aging in Bordeaux wine barrels.

An ideal after dinner drink can be found with the Patron XO Café varieties. Blended with coffee, cocoa, or chili, they offer a distinctive way to finish any fine meal. Want a fruitier tequila liqueur? Try the Patron Citronge. It’s wonderful by itself or mixed into your favorite cocktails. Have a taste of it in mango, orange, or lime.

Then there are the limited editions that tequila enthusiasts should be sure to try. Among them, Anejo 7 Anos is one of the rarest. As the name suggests, it’s aged for seven years, ensuring absolute tequila perfection. The Cask Collection Sherry Anejo is pure elegance thanks to being aged for over two years in Oloroso Sherry oak barrels.

Patron consistently provides quality tequila for every mood. From shots to cocktails, there is no better tequila out there that delivers on taste and style. Find your favorite bottle of Patron at Beverly Hills Wine & Liquor. Shop online or visit our location on Wilshire Boulevard to get some Patron in your life today.