Macallan 1965Considered the heavyweights when it comes to the world-famous malts that originate from the fertile lands of Speyside, Scotland, Macallan Distillery never fails to amaze its many fans. With The Macallan Single Highland Malt Scotch Distilled in 1965 the distillery has further cemented its place in history as one of the world’s truly great distillers.


Known for its use of only the choicest barleys, preferably the Golden Promise variety, that gives the spirit its uniquely distinct sweetness carefully preserved in specially handcrafted ex-sherry oak casks, the 1965 Macallan vintage is nothing less than one of Scotland’s finest whiskies every to come out from a distillery by the River Spey.


The Creation
Like all single malt whiskies that boast of age-old traditions in whisky making, the masters of the spirit at the Macallan Distillery had to use specialty oak casks brought from the wine-making regions of Jerez in Spain. It is believed that by using casks that have been formerly used to age sherry wines of which Jerez is well-known for, the natural sweetness of the sherries that have penetrated deep into the grains of oak give it that distinct smoky sweetness that can only be a classic trademark of the finest Scotch whisky.


A beautifully-aged whisky is always a rarity. Spending half a century inside these ex-sherry oak casks is a sure way to bring about great maturity and impeccable finesse. Add to this the barley that is meticulously malted and kilned to extract all that malty flavors to create a lasting richness whenever you purchase a bottle of this Macallan vintage from your favorite liquor and alcohol delivery specialist.


Enjoying a glass of this classic can literally transport you back in time as you immerse yourself in the old tradition of whisky making. Imagine the masters of spirits going through each stage of the delicate and arduous process of making one of the world’s most admired Scotch whiskies and you will see just why The Macallan Single Highland Malt Scotch Distilled in 1965 is an absolute rarity.


The Experience
There is nothing better than to allow yourself to get lost in the plethora of sensations and one-of-a-kind experiences as you go through the various Macallan 1965stages of enjoying an excellent spirit.


Immerse yourself in the legendary combination of subtle phenolic notes and luscious sherry. Let it permeate the inner crevices of your nose until they reach the part of your brain that lets you see a variety of figs, dates, quinces, sultanas, and raspberries beautifully melded into the sherry richness of this classic vintage. Let your olfactory sensations give you a taste of honey, beeswax, and mint as well as a faint hint of eucalyptus.


Take a sip and let it warm your mouth. Swirl it a bit. Let it coat your tongue and discover the chocolatey richness of the sherry married with the soft spices and hints of minty herbs. You can almost imagine the raisins and the jammy fruits that punctuate the stunningly complex flavors of the 1965 Macallan.


Moving your whisky down your throat, letting it coat the inner surfaces of your esophagus, will make you believe in the faultless sherriness of The Macallan Single Highland Malt Scotch Distilled in 1965, complete with a hint of spices and chocolates for that smooth finish.