With the holiday season approaching, cocktails can be a great drink to share with friends and family. You don’t need to be a certified bartender to make tasty and fun drinks to share, rather it is just a matter of having the ingredients. There is a wide variety of different cocktails- fruity and strong to make, suitable for any event.  Mixing cocktails doesn’t have to be overly expensive or time consuming. The best part? Most drinks only need two ingredients!


1. The Paloma: this drink can be made with any kind of tequila, mixed with grapefruit juice for a tangy taste. Just mix 1-2 shots with your choice of tequila, and swirl with the grapefruit juice.

2. The Whiskey Ginger: this drink can be made with any kind of whiskey, mixed with ginger ale soda for a bit of a stronger taste. Add a hint of lemon to bring out the ginger ale’s flavoring. Mix 1-2 shots with your choice of whiskey, and add to the ginger ale.

3. The Gimlet: this drink can be made with any kind of gin, mixed with a sweetened form of lime juice for a delightfully tart lime flavor. Mix roughly two parts gin with one part of the sweetened lime juice. Top with a lime wedge.

4. The Greyhound: this drink can be made with any kind of vodka, mixed with fresh grapefruit juice. Mix 1-2 shots of your type of vodka with the grapefruit juice, and top the rim with salt if desired.

5. Seven and Seven: this drink is perfect after a long day at work. It is refreshing, made with 1-2 shots of Seagram’s Whiskey mixed with 7 up for a crisp and clean taste.

6. Gin and Tonic: this drink is a classic- simple to make, and easy to please. Add 1-2 shots of gin and mix with tonic water, preferably Canada Dry. Top off with a lemon or lime.  

7. The Cuba Libre: this drink pleases almost everyone. Just add 1-2 shots of rum, and top with a classic Coke. Add lime for that extra kick.

8. The Screwdriver: this drink is a classic, especially to have to start off your morning on the weekend. Simply top 1-2 shots of your type of vodka with orange juice, and add an orange on the rim. A little seltzer may be preferred for a cleaner taste.

9. Sex on the Beach: this drink can go perfectly when feeling a little romantic. Simply add 200 mL of Ocean Spray Cranberry juice, 100 mL Tropicana Orange juice, 75 mL of vodka of your choosing, and 75 mL of peach schnapps. Add ice, but make sure to add the ice last to prevent the alcohol from remaining at the top.

10. Woo Woo: this drink is fun, like its name leads on. Mix 25 mL of peach schnapps, 25 mL of vodka of your choice, and 50 mL of cranberry juice for a fun and flirty drink!