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Wood's High Mountain Distillery Colorado Elderflower Liqueur

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Wood’s High Mountain Distillery Fleur De Sureau Colorado Elderflower Liqueur is made a blend of Colorado-sourced Muscat and Riesling wine that is first distilled to 180-proof. They then redistill the brandy a final time and direct the distillate vapor through elderflowers suspended in our gin basket, then lightly sweeten the spirit with a Colorado raspberry blossom honey from Beyond the Hive.

Fleur de Sureau, French for elder flower, is a nod to the tradition of gathering elder flowers for use in liqueurs in the French and Swiss Alps. It’s a floral liqueur that shows off the Muscat-Riesling base under a big elderflower presence with honey with a hint of raspberry and earth. The high proof helps it stand up in cocktails and makes it a lovely digestif when served neat, over ice or with a splash of sparkling wine

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Size 375 ml
Man USA (United States of America)
ABV - Alcohol by Volume 35%


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