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Stella Artois Premium Lager chilled pint

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--1 pint, 6 oz.--
In 1926, Stella Artois was launched as a festive beer, named after the Christmas star.[2] First sold in Canada[citation needed], it eventually became available all year round, and, apart from the duration of the Second World War, has been produced ever since. The first Stella Artois beer was exported to the European market in 1930[citation needed]. By 1960, about 100 million litres of Stella Artois were being produced annually. Whitbread began to brew it under contract in the United Kingdom from 1976.[3] InBev, the merger of Belgian Interbrew and Brazilian AmBev, opened a new, fully automated brewery in Leuven in 1993, and by 2006, total annual production volume exceeded a billion litres

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Size 1 Pint
ABV - Alcohol by Volume 5%



Stella Artois Premium Lager . --


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