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Octomore Scottish Barley Aged 5 Years Single Malt Scotch

After the barley has been peated, it is mashed using water drawn from the Bruichladdich loch. The water is soft and devoid of minerality, which makes it ideal for mashing and fermenting the barley. Following fermentation, the wash is twice distilled through Bruichladdich's 130 year-old, 20-foot tall, diamond-shaped stills. The Victorian-era stills produce whisky that is notably floral and elegant. "We have a distillery," says Jim McEwan, the master distiller at Bruichladdich, "and we know how to use it."

Once the whisky has been distilled, it is matured for five years in American oak casks that were previously used to mature bourbon. The whisky has a strong, deep aroma of fire and warm, smoky sweetness. The initial flavors of apples, pears, cinnamon and citrus are complemented by a bold and ever-present undertone of smoke. Thick and textured, the whisky finishes with a warm, smoky flavor that lingers.

"This is no monstrous brute," says McEwan. "It's an iron fist in the velvet glove. That's what you get when you combine massively smokey barley with the purest spirit around. It's like nothing else on earth. It also shows what great quality barley, slow, artisan distilling, and premium quality wood can achieve."

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Size 750 ml
ABV - Alcohol by Volume 57%
Gift Box Yes


Fantastic tasteReview by Marshall D.
Getting my money's worth; I was so pleased with this scotch, and I recommend it. (Posted on 10/9/2015)

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