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John L. Sullivan Aged 10 years Irish Whiskey

Single Use Bourbon Barrels: The barrels, made from American white oak, are shipped straight from Kentucky, where they were used once to age bourbon. According to US law, bourbon must be aged in brand new charred oak barrels, however the flavor in the wood and char remains long after the first use. As such, there is a large trade where used bourbon barrels are shipped to Ireland and Scotland to age Irish whiskey & Scotch. Often times these barrels are re-used 3, 4, even up to 5 times, each time removing some of that charred oak and bourbon flavor. Single Use Bourbon Barrels, have only been used once for the bourbon, and therefore aging our whiskey in these barrels results in a classically smooth Irish whiskey with the rich finish of America’s bourbon.

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Size 750 ml
ABV - Alcohol by Volume 46


Irish Whiskey is the best whiskeyReview by Paddy O'Day
You can drink it neat, or you can mix it in, although that 's a Sullivan's whisky, so they'll keep making it, and I know it'll be there! (Posted on 9/25/2015)

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