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Hibiki 21 Years Old Suntory Whisky 750ML

Hibiki 21 is the blended whisky brand produced by Suntory. Combining their two single malt whiskies, Hakushu and Yamazaki, with their corn-based grain whisky, Chita, they create something completely their own. Old Suntory Japanese Whiskey. When you think of Japanese spirits, you most likely think of sake. But Japan, long known for perfecting everything, has sent Scotland scuttling as it attempts to pry the title of “Best Whisky Producer” out of its hands. Whisky production in Japan isn’t such a new concept. In fact, the first distillery of Japanese whisky opened in Yamazaki in 1923.

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Size 750 ml
ABV - Alcohol by Volume 43%



Hibiki: A Shining Example of Japanese Whisky

Hibiki 21 is the blended whisky brand produced by Suntory. Old Suntory Japanese Whiskey It was a revolutionary change for the country, one that would soon become successful thanks to Shinjiro Torii who created Kotobukiya that was later given the new name of Suntory.Japan’s inner success with whisky soon caused it to go international. And as Japanese whisky penetrated the market, the innovative flavors began shaking things up, becoming more and more popular. They used the same methods for fermenting and distilling, however, the Japanese whisky makers added in new improvements and twists that experimented with flavors, much to the delight of whisky lovers around the globe. Hibiki is one of the most revered among the Japanese whisky segment. Hibiki 21 Year Suntory Whisky is the stunning combination of two single malt whiskies, Hakushu and Yamazaki, which are both blended with Chita, the corn-based grain whisky. The results of this incredible blend are truly extraordinary and something every lover of quality whisky should promptly add to the shelves of their personal collection of great spirits.


ChampionReview by Henry
champion of of the best blended whisky under the sun...the bot gets finished in no time...easier to drink than water,smoother than honey... (Posted on 11/29/2017)

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