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Final Reserve James Thompson and Brother 45 Years Old Boxed Set

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So how does, what Buddy claims is the oldest Bourbon ever bottled taste like? According to him, its characteristics include, “A fabulous aroma and an expected deep mahogany color. The tannins are strong, but I like a bite with my Bourbon.” If the bite is too much, he has an old technique that might help with that also. Buddy recommends adding just a few drops of sherry in any liquor you feel had too many tannins in it. He claims it will open the Bourbon right up and smooth out any “bite”.
250 commemorative boxes will be filled with a 750ml bottle of the 45-Year-Old Bourbon along with a 100ml bottle so folks can taste it right away if they feel they do not want to open the larger bottle at first. A small piece of one of the barrels will also accompany the package.

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Size 750 ml
Man USA (United States of America)
Gift Box Yes


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