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D'Aristi Xtabentun

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Probably the most famous of the D’Aristi liquors is Xtabentun (pronounced ish-tah-ben-TOON). Xtabentun is the most famous alcohol of the Mayan lands and is made from honey and anise. The name comes from a Mayan legend about two women from the same village, Xtabay (also called Xkeban) and Utz-Colel. Xtabay lived a lustful life and gave freely to the poor, while Utz-Colel was cold, haughty and acted superior. When Xtabay died, her true nature was revealed by the sweet-smelling Xtabentun flowers that grew on her grave. When Utz-Colel died, the odor escaping from her grave was quite the opposite, or so the legend goes according to Wikipedia.

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Size 750 ml
ABV - Alcohol by Volume 30%


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