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Caroni High Proof Trinidad Rum 2000 110 Proof 17 Years Old

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From a stock of 7 barrels distilled entirely in 2000 and bottled at a magnificent 110 proof, this is the first "official" Caroni to be imported into the United States. It represents some of the final production from the renowned distillery on the Caroni plain's sugar plantation. When the state owned refinery closed, the famous distillery was not far behind. In 2005, the remaining stocks were sold to La Maison & Velier. Aged entirely on the Island of Trinidad, the tropical climate resulted in 80% evaporation due to the incredible heat and humidity. The ultra powerful and intense offering captures the character of Caroni and its historical significances perfectly, reminding us why it was so prized by the British Navy. We're extremely lucky the impressive Luca Gargano was able to secure the final stocks from this legendary distillery. Nearly all the stocks currently available are aged primarily in Europe and these rums represent a truly singular offering that can never ever be replicated again. An unprecedented offering that should easily be considered one of the most collectable and delicious offerings of the year in any category. A must own for any true lover of spirits, especially if you're the type to covet what will soon be gone forever.

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Additional Info

Size 750 ml
Man Trinidad and Tobago
ABV - Alcohol by Volume 55%
Gift Box Yes


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