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Caperitif Wine Aperitif Kaapse Dief

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Caperitif Wine Aperitif Kaapse Dief

Aperitif Wine made in Swartland, South Africa
From the land that stands resolute against the crashing waters of not one but two imposing oceans, comes a drink of such history, flavor and reverence that one is compelled to charge your glass not once, twice nor thrice but plentifold in celebration of place, people and perseverance.Caperitif is Buller to the Brits and Smuts to the Boer, and raises phoenix like from the Swartland (Black Lands) of the Republic of South Africa. It was thus in this land that a Danish mixologist and a South African farmer came to rediscover and reinvigorate the "ghost ingredient" and breathe new life into The Grande Quinquina Caperitif.

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Additional Info

Man South Africa
Size 750 ml
ABV - Alcohol by Volume 17.5%


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