Every year for Valentine’s Day, people choose the same ordinary gifts. Flowers are beautiful, but on holidays, florists raise the price. Plus, flowers don’t last forever. Then there’s perfume and we all know that scents are in the nose of the beholder. Chocolates are lovely, but sometimes a big box of them is overkill.

There’s a better Valentine’s Day gift that is the perfect way to show your love, whether you want to brighten a special friend’s holiday or let that special someone know your heart beats only for them. Beverly Hills Liquor & Wine has just what you’re looking for with beautiful gift baskets that will make anyone feel loved.

Expert gift basket crafters can put together a gorgeous Valentine’s gift basket for the ones you adore. How could anyone resist a basket filled with champagne, top-shelf liquor and treats? The Dom Perignon Valentine’s gift basket is an irresistible choice with a bottle of Dom Perignon, Dariush Cabernet Sauvignon, and Overture, they’ll be in love at first sight.

The Beluga Basket is another lovable idea. It comes with two bottles of Beluga vodka, a premium gourmet snack item, two glasses, and anything else you wish to add into it including the option to add caviar. Or let your lover know you want to party for Valentine’s Day by sending the Casamigos Tequila gift basket. It comes with two bottles of Casamigos Tequila – one silver and one anejo – plus shot glasses, margarita salt, and chocolates. As with all baskets at Beverly Hills Liquor & Wine, you can customize it to change an offering in the basket or even add to it to make it a bigger gift. Talk about showing your love!

Of course, you can design a unique gift basket with the help of the expert gift basket makers at Beverly Hills Liquor & Wine. Choose from a vast selection of liquor, wine from every region you can think of, and champagne. If you’d like, you can also add a gourmet snack like crackers with cheese spreads or luxurious chocolates. Customize it with beautiful glasses or anything you like. If you can dream it up, they can build it.

Then let Beverly Hills Liquor & Wine surprise your recipient by delivering it to their door. We can even do it anonymously because who doesn’t love a gift from a secret admirer on Valentine’s Day? All you need to do to make it happen is click to order and it will get there the way you want it!

Now that you’ve got your Valentine’s gift covered, make sure you love yourself by ordering a little something just for you! There’s always an incredible selection of beer, wine and spirits at Beverly Hills Liquor & Wine, giving you so much to love.