Macallan 1964Receiving an unprecedented perfect score of 100 out of 100 from the renowned Chicago-based Beverage Tasting Institute in 1999, The Macallan Single Highland Malt Scotch Distilled in 1964 is the pride of one of Scotland’s best distilleries. The 1964 Macallan is one of the most prized possessions of whisky connoisseurs and collectors around the globe.


This singularly astonishing product from the distillery of Alexander Reid, which he founded in 1824 in the region of the Craigellachie, is revered as one of the world’s finest single malt whiskies ever to come from Scotland.


The Creation
Made from Golden Promise barley and distilled using the fresh, cool, and soft waters of the River Spey, the 1964 Macallan owes its unique sherry sweet and floral aromas and classic oaky and spicy tastes to the use of ex-sherry casks that have been imported from Jerez in Spain.


Although the Macallan distillery is not really located in the Scottish highlands, it does source its water for distillation from the River Spey which is robustly supplied by the snowmelt waters from the springs in the mountains. This soft water contains the much-needed minerals necessary for the effective malting process of the Golden Promise variety of barley. Golden Promise provides a uniquely sweet and robust malt flavor which gives The Macallan Single Highland Malt Scotch Distilled in 1964 its exceptionally sweet fruity taste.


The long and tedious process of single malt whisky production requires the use of only the choicest selection of Golden Promise barley. These are then carefully kilned before methodically malted to perfection. Once malt has been produced in large enough quantities, the malt batches are distilled in precisely-controlled distillers before they are stored and aged in the famed ex-sherry casks of Jerez, Spain.


The result: a truly classic and one-of-a-kind Scotch whisky that you will be proud to order from your favorite liquor delivery shop, perfect as a gift item for collectors or as a treat for yourself for a job well done in the office.


Macallan 1964The Experience
Sampling the 51-year old 1964 Macallan single malt is guaranteed to give anyone a truly sensory-filled experience.


Lifting a glass of this Macallan vintage up to your nose will fill it with its very fruity scent with fairly mild to moderate hints of pear and orange. Some would describe its smoky character as an amalgamation of sweet fruity aromas and spicy richness. Being aged in ex-sherry oak barrels, the 1964 Macallan creates a well-balanced note of smoky sherry, caramel, and honey, all leading to a more than pleasant sensation for the nose. Putting a drop or two of clean water will bring out more of the aromas.


Taking a sip, letting it coat your tongue, and allowing it to linger in your palate will create other sensations. The MacallanSingle Highland Malt Scotch Distilled in 1964 is known for its fruity flavors of dried apricots and prunes as well as the distinctly floral taste of figs. Its hints of cinnamon and nutmeg add to the spicy richness that can only come from the masters of Scottish whiskies.


Top the experience with a long and full finish that is punctuated with chewy oak, spices, and figs as well as a touch of subtle smoke which distinguishes Scotch whiskies from other kinds of whiskies all over the globe.