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The Japanese have always been associated with the rice-based liquor known as sake. What many do not know is that among the world’s producers of great whiskies, Japan has one of the longest-running traditions of whisky-making. Together with the distillers of Scotland and Ireland, Japan produces some of the world’s best single malt whiskies. And The Yamazakii Aged 18 Years Single Malt Japanese Whiskey is just one of them.


The Suntory-owned and Osaka-based Yamazaki Distillery has been in existence since 1923 although the tradition of making wines, sakes, and beers dates as far back as the 16th century. Earlier records suggest that wine-making could have been initiated as early as 718 AD when the very first vineyards were planted by a Buddhist monk near modern-day Katsunuma, just southwest of Tokyo. The Yamazaki Distillery was one of Japan’s pioneering distillers becomeing one of the world’s finest whisky producers of all time.

 Yamazaki 18 Year

For example, the Yamazakii 18 Years is well acclaimed for its smooth finish that has earned it double gold medals in the San Francisco World Spirits Competitions for six years in a row from 2008 to 2013, winning yet again this year for a remarkable eight double gold feat, with the first one happening way back in 2005. Proof66.com, a well-respected spirits ratings aggregator, placed The Yamazakii Aged 18 Years Single Malt Japanese Whiskey in the 99th percentile of the world’s best whiskies.


The Suntory’s Yamazakii 18 Years is surprisingly warm and resonant with a fantastic complexity. There is a hint of vanilla, orange, and sultana combined with a measured smokiness. Its signature taste that is sandwiched upon layers of Japanese single malt spirituality and velvety richness has been praised by the world’s best whisky connoisseurs.


As the Japanese whisky is not really well known compared to its Irish and Scottish single malt counterparts, it may take some active searching from the best liquor store Beverly Hills to get your hands on one. And if you do get a bottle of this prized Japanese single malt, it will be nothing less than life-changing.


On the nose the Yamazakii 18 Years has lots of surprisingly burnt lemon scent but delicate enough that it seems more like it has been slowly charred on a BBQ grill with a strongly appealing sweet sherry raisin and a delicate touch of peppery spiciness. The delightful richness of sherry and raisins fill the nose before transforming into the deep sweetness of dark rich maraschino cherries.

Yamazaki 18 Year 

The whole experience then turns coffee cream chocolate, a great olfactory experience. On the palate the sensation is more about burnt citrus fruit although the flavors of sweet-sour orange are more pronounced. The taste of complex molasses, some aniseed, cinnamon, and delectable spice flavors as well as lingering nutmeg make for a great finish.


An absolute belter of a whisky, The Yamazakii Aged 18 Years Single Malt Japanese Whiskey is something that is truly one of the world’s best. It really is worth the punt if you can somehow split the cost and share a bottle between some good friends. The Japanese surely have produced a winner.