Jameson 18 Year Blog

A recipient of five Double Gold awards in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2004, 2550, 2007, 2009, and 2012, the rich honey colored and highly fruity sweet scent of the Jameson 18 Years Old Limited Reserve Irish Whiskey deserves to be rightfully called one of the best Irish whiskies at a significantly friendlier price.


Aged for 18 years, remarkably longer than the usual length of aging for Irish spirits, the Midleton Distillery’s Jameson 18 Years is nonetheless a marvelously concocted spirit that can only speak volumes of the Irish penchant for triple distilling and the use of a variety of wooden casks to give the Limited Reserve a truly limited appeal. Its less smoky flavors make it very easy on both the nose and the palate especially for the uninitiated who would very much like to venture into the fanatically robust world of whiskey lovers, connoisseurs, and loyal followers.


Described as truly uncommon, you might not even be able to find this from your local alcohol delivery guy without prodding him relentlessly, the Jameson 18 Years is a prime example of how the Irish are able to achieve masterful creations from the distiller’s best and wonderfully aged malt and grain whiskies. Importing used American bourbon barrels and European wine and sherry oak barrels, the Master distillers of Midleton Distillery have successfully infused their creation with the unique character of these casks.


Jameson 18 YearAs bourbon barrels are made of American white oak, its exceptionally high levels of vanillins helps draw out the natural richness and velvety textures of the malt and grain whiskies that the Midleton company is known for. Using the European oak gives an interesting twist to an otherwise run-of-the-mill type of liquor.


The Jameson 18 Years Old Limited Reserve Irish Whiskey has been aptly described as an exceptionally balanced Irish whiskey. Considered the elder statesman of the Jameson’s, the Limited Reserve Irish Whisky is known for its mellow yet very complex taste coupled with a lingering finale of spice, toffee, and wood. The beautiful amber color of the Jameson 18 Years is a product of the Master distiller’s spot-on choice of the three best whiskeys to form the foundation of what could otherwise be known as one of Midleton’s finest offerings.


The nose fills with thick caramel, enough to permeate every single crevice inside the Jameson 18 Yearnasal passages. The rich hints of toffee, tropic fruits of banana, mangoes, guavas, and lemons seem to provide a stark contrast to the gentleness of the spicy undertones.


The palate is unusually smooth as if you did not put anything inside your mouth. After a while, the burst in flavors soon overwhelm the senses. Fudge, toffee, vanilla, and spice washed in hints of leather and wood as well as the gentleness of sherry nuttiness are all what makes the Jameson 18 Years Old Limited Reserve Irish Whiskey something to talk about even days or weeks after the sensory overloading experience.


Completing the experience is best described as long and lingering both pointing to the rich complexity of wood, toffee, and spice right to the very end.