Love drinking but hate waking up full of regret with a pounding hangover? We all do. Knowing how to handle a hangover will help you get back on your feet fast. Here are some quick ways to cure your next hangover. 

Here are 4 points that will help:


  • 1. Drink water while you’re drinking
    Between your cocktails, have some water. Alcohol is very dehydrating but if you stay a step ahead of the game and drink water as you drink, you’ll be less likely to wake up hungover.


  • 2. Have a spoonful of olive oil
    Legend has it that if you eat a spoonful of olive oil, you’ll avoid hangovers altogether. The same effect can be had by eating greasy food before imbibing. Any excuse to live it up, right?


  • 3. Eat ginger
  • Ginger has long been touted as a healthy herbal remedy for nausea and vomiting. You can make ginger tea before you head out for the night, or before you head to bed, try sipping on some to save yourself.


  • 4. Get res-q-ed
  • Resqwater is an anti-hangover drink made from all natural and organic ingredients without any stimulants. If you want to avoid a hangover, Beverly Hills Wine & Liquor has it available so nab a few bottles next time you stop by to stock up on your wine and spirits!