Holiday Buying GuideHaving friends, family, or colleagues over for a holiday party? The way you stock your bar can make or break the occasion. Here are a few easy tips to make sure every one of your guests has a great time with the perfect drink in hand:


Begin with the basics – you can be ready for almost any cocktail request if you have vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, and tequila on hand.


Add a few versatile mixers – pair those liquors with cola, lemon lime soda, sweet-and-sour, or orange juice and you will be ready to make the basics.


Include holiday favorites – eggnog and hot chocolate can be used to make wonderful holiday drinks, especially as the party winds down.


Don’t forget beer and wine – some guests might want to slow down, or prefer to stick to their favorite beers and wines, so have a small selection of each on hand.


Give designated drivers a treat – let guests know that skipping the alcohol doesn’t have to mean missing out on the fun. With a blunder and a few extra ingredients, you can make virgin drinks that are almost as good as their more festive counterparts.


It’s easy to throw a great holiday party when you mix together good friends and tasty drinks. Visit Beverly Hills Liquor and Wine today for the best advice and selection anywhere in Southern California.