Gin is InWhy this classic bar staple is being thrust back into the limelight at the top restaurants and bars in the country


Once seen as a nonchalant option for many a bar patron, gin is now the new-old it-item being found as the main liquor in drinks from punch to martini across the nation. Always a refreshing choice, particularly paired with tonic and a fresh wedge of lemon, gin is now regaining popularity, much thanks to the many small boutique distilleries that have popped up, giving us more options for pairing the dazzling flavors within.


Quality gin is refreshing at any time of year. It awakens your palate with a bright and crisp tingle and quite often, has flavors with hints of citrus and juniper. This is why the traditional gin and tonic garnished with lemon is so sublime. Gin has a wonderful bold, yet delicate flavor that isn’t overbearing like whiskey. While whiskey is indeed a wonderful liquor, its flavor can be a bit domineering. Conversely, vodka has little flavor, making the mixer much of what you taste.


This is why we’re seeing a resurgence in the choice of gin drinks. The millennial generation is focused on the fusion of flavors and gin marries so well with other tastes, taking that delicate essence to a completely new and brilliant level. Every gin has a different aroma as well, depending on how it is distilled. It can be much like wine in its complexity. Try gin from a small-batch distillery and the experience could be completely different than that of the major brands, like Tanqueray or Bombay Sapphire.


Gin can be separated into two categories. One consists of classic tastes that are strong and earthy. You’ll note juniper and a powerful pine flavor in these. These bold gins are represented well in Tanqueray and Beefeater, to name a few. They are iconic, traditional and time-tested. The other style of gin brings a more floral finish. You’ll find it in Bombay Sapphire as well as Hendrick’s.


Which is best? It depends on your own palate for which one you’ll find most desirable. Both styles blend beautifully with tonic water but they also bring a fabulously fresh twist serving as the base for cocktails. Ask for it in martinis, negronis and other libations the next time you are out on the town. Or you can enjoy them comfortably in your home. Visit us in store or shop our gin selection online today.


Because each brand of gin is made differently, it is fun to explore them all to find the one that suits you best. Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments!