Those of us who wish to create our own cocktails at home are often left wondering why our concoctions are not nearly as delicious as the ones that are served to us by our helpful bartender. All it takes is a little bit more attention to detail and access to a few helpful tips to take your cocktails to the next level. Incorporating fresh ingredients is key and so is knowing how to enhance said ingredients. By using fresh ingredients, you can enhance the flavor of the drink significantly and create a beverage that is every bit as good as the ones you receive at your favorite local watering hole. Let's take a closer look at some of the ways that you can incorporate fresh ingredients into your cocktails.

Using Freshly Squeezed Juice
When you use juices that are freshly squeezed, as opposed to store bough juices that come out of a can, you are able to bring the flavor of your cocktails to the next level. Cocktail connoisseurs can instantly tell the difference between beverages that were made with fresh juices, as opposed to those that have been created with canned juice. If you'd like to make the cocktail process simpler, be sure to keep a hand held juicer at the ready, so that you can make freshly squeezed juices within a moment's notice.

Freezing Your Fruit
Those who have extra fruit floating around their house that they wish to maintain would do well to begin storing it in their freezer for safe keeping. When the ingredients for your cocktails are out of season, the freezer is the best place for storage. Simply pop your fruits into an ice tray with some water and enjoy the enhanced levels of flavor as they melt into your drink with ease.

Muddle Your Ingredients
If you'd like to release natural oils into your cocktails and you've grown tired of the substandard results that a bottled product can provide, start muddling your ingredients. When you muddle in fresh herbs, fruits and natural oils, you can maximize your the freshness of your ingredients. By muddling ingredients, you are able to provide your cocktails with a homemade flavor that is not easily duplicated. Bottled oils and canned fruit juices cannot compete.

Utilize Garnishes
While most of us associate garnishes with meals, they provide the cocktail with a touch of class and enhanced flavor. Best of all, garnishes allow us to use all of the fruit, as opposed to discarding certain points. Once you've used a fruit for muddling and juicing purposes, you can set the rest of it aside to use as a fun decoration. These normally forgotten bits and pieces add additional flavor and allow you to incorporate fresh ingredients.