Chivas Brothers Royal Salute 21 Year

With a golden amber hue that is as deep as the crown of Scottish and English royalties, the Chivas Brothers Royal Salute 21 Years Old Blended Scotch is nothing less than the finest ever to come out of production. Made specifically as homage to Queen Elizabeth II’s June 1953 crowning, the truly limited edition 21 Year Old blended Scotch whiskey is nothing less than a celebration of the fame and prestige of the British monarchy.


The very first Wade porcelain Flagons that came out from the 2,500 limited production cases were beautifully and artfully embellished with the royal crest. These very rare and very fine blended Scotch whiskies were named after the ceremonial 21-gun salute that was given to royalties, and heads of states as well as other notable persons of great importance.


The Chivas Brothers Royal Salute 21 Years Old Blended Scotch is a premium blend of only the finest whiskies found in theChivas Brothers Royal Salute warehouses of the Chivas Brothers in Speyside, Scotland carefully and meticulously aged for a rather full two decades and a year to bring out the rich flavors and complex textures that blended Scotch whiskies are famously known for the world over.


The unique expression in porcelain flagons is nothing less than a real celebration of the opulence and importance of the British Royal Family in modern consciousness. What makes the flagon so unique is that it is emblazoned with the image of Scottish national hero Robert the Bruce with the English-translated Gaellic phrase, ‘fidelity, stability since 1801’.


Building on their promise of remaining true to their roots, the Chivas Brothers have surely produced a masterpiece that can only be described as nothing less than one of the world’s best tasting and equally sensuous blended Scotch whisky.


While it may prove a bit daunting to be searching for one of these truly prized spirits, owing to the fact that there are just so few of them ever produced, checking on your favorite liquor store Beverly Hills might as well give you the much needed result that you are after.

 Chivas Brothers Royal Salute

The nose is surprisingly full of sweet dried fruity aromas with the scent of butterscotch that is guaranteed to provide a blast of sensory experiences right down your nasal passages and to the back of the nose before beautifully mending with the throat. The complex notes of walnut loaf and muscovado sugar as well as dried figs will bring you back to the time of the grand coronation event of Queen Elizabeth II.


The taste is smooth and surprisingly complex, more like an extension of the delightful pleasures initiated by the nose. And unless you have a problem with your sense of smell, the wonderful mixture of malty richness that has been categorically blissful in the nose wonderfully exists in the palate as well. There is that distinct sweetness of homegrown and sun dried raisins, masterfully blended in the malty sinful richness of the blended Scotch. It does not really attempt to hide the bitter-sweet sensuality of sinfully dark chocolate, the mildly stimulating all spice, and the smokiness of pipe tobacco as well as the occasional taste of apple peel.


The Chivas Brothers Royal Salute 21 Years Old Blended Scotch finishes with a smooth and blissfully long fade-away marked with spiced sherry. No wonder they call it fit for the royalty.