Black Bull 30 Blog

When Duncan Taylor designed the Black Bull 30 Years Old Blended Scotch he envisioned nothing less than the best blend of the finest single grain and single malt whiskies ever to be distilled out of Speyside’s famed whisky distillers. The marriage was consummated in the 1970’s and aged in European sherry oak casks to bring about its richness and complex flavors for a premium blend this rare.


The flagship of the Taylor portfolio, the Black Bull has its earliest origins in 1864 Dundee and has slowly grown itself into a major world powerhouse when it comes to spirits and malt- and grain-based liquors.


Awarded in the 2013 International Spirits Challenge, the 2011 and 2012 World Whisky Awards, and the 2011 Scottish Field Whisky Challenge, the Black Bull 30 Years truly deserves to become bullish about its prestige of being one of the world’s finest blended Scotch whiskies of all time.


The Black Bull formula called for the perfect blend of 50 percent malt and 50 percent grain and to come up with a strong 100 proof grade. The distillery only produces whiskies in small batches in order to fully lock in the complex flavors and richness of fruity sweetness, chocolatey indulgence, and smoky oaky goodness in each bottle you will purchase from your favorite liquor store Los Angeles.

Black Bull 30 YearThe Black Bull 30 Years has a very distinct full feel that even the nose can take a hint. There is a delightfully dense scent of freshly baked pastry with hints of ripe strawberries and blue berries that provide an awesome treat to the nose. The sensations get upbeat with the inclusion of strong aromas of Irish whipped cream that turn into titillating red licorice whips.


Adding a few drops of water can marvelously lead to sweeter and more interestingBlack Bull 30 Yearvanilla undertones that will suddenly appear almost out of nowhere. In some instances you might as well see the sinfully dark sweetness of honey and chocolates, vanilla and espresso, peaches and warm caramels as well as eucalyptus. The sensations from the Black Bull 30 Years Old Blended Scotch are limitless, to say the very least.


If you have been accustomed to the rich fruity sweetness of Scotch whiskies, the Black Bull 30 is strikingly different. The palate is surprisingly faint of cardamoms, raisins, figs, cloves, all spice, and cinnamon. In its place is the richness of strawberry pie.


The distinct flavors of pipe tobacco as well as the heady notes of freshly bound book leather will usually explode first leading to the rich cherry strawberry notes that is marked with the aged chests of cedar hope. The taste of the 30-year Black Bull is something that is nothing less than phenomenal by itself. Its complex flavors are truly astounding to say the least.


After the swallow, you will be left with a distinctly tarty feel of berries and the woody goodness of sherried oak. The overall experience of the Black Bull 30 Years Old Blended Scotch becomes all the more seductively sweeter as it slowly fades into the far corners of your memory. Its long and lingering cherry finish will be marked by subtle notes of cinnamon and creaminess that can only be distinctly Irish.