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When was the last time you walked into a liquor store and were actually in awe? Sure, many liquor and wine establishments have an expansive selection of spirits, fine wines, affordable drinks shoved into spaces without care and without thought. You know those bottles are just sitting on the shelves, getting dusty because no one seems to take the time to explain to anyone what they actually are, what they pair well with, etc. In fact, when most of us even think about a liquor store, we don’t exactly think of the most glamorous place in the world, and certainly not a place where we might be able to grab a decent bite to eat.

Well, that awe-factor certainly comes back into play instantly with Beverly Hills Liquor and Wine. You’re not going to walk into this store and simply grab the first six pack of beer you see, because there is so much more to look over, you’re not going to want to leave without trying something new and exciting! The folks at Beverly Hills Liquor and Wine have made customer service a priority, and that means having an extensive knowledge of the wines, beer, and spirits they stock. Talk to them for a few minutes, grab a bottle of unique wine and you’ll be the hit of your party!

Customer service is a rare greatness nowadays, but that certainly isn’t the best part about this unique liquor store. How about something with a little more sustenance to go with your newly-acquired Kosher beer (seriously...they have an entire Kosher selection of spirits, like BaBa - a full-flavored black lager that is exceptionally drinkable)? You already know the staff is going to go above and beyond to give you the best recommendations for drinks, but they can also make you a tasty sandwich, too! There is a full-fledged deli right in the store, so you can take home some freshly sliced meats and cheeses, too. Remember that party you’re going to show off at? This truly is one-stop shopping for all of your essentials!

Whether you’re celebrating with champagne or sparkling wine, toasting with fine wines or spirits, relaxing with a glass of whiskey or scotch, or grabbing a case of beer for your next party, everything you need can be found at Beverly Hills Liquor and Wine - even soft drink options for kids and non-drinkers! A soda and a sandwich will always be a classic combination, after all.

Don’t live near Beverly Hills? Have no fear, you can still get the Hollywood treatment by placing an order with them online and having it shipped right to you! Come on, you know your local liquor store isn’t going to carry half of the incredible items you can find here, so get ready to impress your friends with something totally different and unique when it arrives right to your doorstep from California.

Get ready to be in awe of the liquor store again, because Beverly Hills Liquor and Wine is making that happen through customer service, extensive knowledge of their products, and of course a stellar deli that you can’t find anywhere else. Cheers!