Balvenie 40

The Balvenie 40 Years Single Malt Scotch Whisky can only be described as a Speyside whisky of the very highest order that warrants nothing less than to be valued by the world’s foremost experts in liquor and other personalities who seek only the finest in whiskies.

A product of the Balvenie Distillery in the small Speyside town of Dufftown in Scotland, this four decades old whisky has been made from the age-old traditional practices of floor malting by carefully selecting only the choicest barley that the distillery grows on its own fields. Utilizing the soft and cool waters of the River Spey for distillation, the Balvenie 40 Years is nothing less than the finest expression of the world’s best whisky. The Balvenie Forty is a prized collector’s item and is easily described as one of the world’s most revered and sought-after liquors.  


Balvenie 40The Creation
Single malt whiskies have a reputation for being the finest types of whiskies the world over. It is produced by a single distillery and the process is long and often arduous. Compared to blended whiskies single malt whiskies undergo several processes before they are stored in casks to age for many years. Blended whiskies are made by combining different spirits from different distilleries in order to produce what are called house style whiskies.

The creation of The Balvenie takes a long and laborious process of malting, kilning, fermentation, and finally distillation before The Balvenie can be aged into casks that have been carefully designed and constructed of only the finest materials, most notably oak. Balvenie Distillery employs its own coppersmiths that are always on-site to maintain and manage the oak barrels giving them the same richness that can only come with age. Well-maintained oak barrels are necessary to provide that distinct sensory experience whenever you sample a bottle of The Balvenie 40 Years Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

David Stewart, Balvenie’s Malt Master, had to meticulously and carefully mix smaller quantities of The Balvenie that has been aging in the distillery’s warehouses for not less than four decades. The combination required careful measurements of the spirits from three sherry butts and four refill hogsheads to bring about a taste that has been described as nothing less than truly out-of-this-world. And this is one reason why The Balvenie Forty can command a hefty price tag from any high end Liquor Store Los Angeles.


Balvenie 40The Experience
Because the qualities of a good whisky is directly related to the quality of traditional whisky-making methods and processes, a bottle of The Balvenie Forty is sure to impart a greater appreciation of the artisanship of the Balvenie Distillery masters.

Filling the nose with its rich oaky notes with a gentle hint of stewed fruits, soft leather, and baked apples, the Balvenie Forty can surely initiate a unique sensory experience. Adding a few drops of water releases additional hints of vanilla as well as the notes of sweet fruits. Swirling the spirit inside your mouth creates sensations of silky textures punctuated by the spicy richness of cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. 

Letting the sweetness of The Balvenie 40 Years Single Malt Scotch Whisky linger will slowly pave the way to a more profound flavor often described as dark chocolatey with a hint of sherry and roasted almonds blanketed in the gentle tastes of oak. Completing the full range of sensory experience will lead you to the conclusion that this 40-year old spirit has a rich and warming side to its finish.