Wine drinkers can now raise their glasses and imbibe a little more with good news from researchers that claim wine can help you live a longer life. One study by the name of the 90+ Study started conducting research back in 2003 to discover the secret to a longer life. Participants from this study also participated in the LWCS (Leisure World Cohort Study) that started in 1981 in Orange County, California.

It wasn’t just a matter of getting to the bottom of the bottle. Researchers were trying to find out what kept people alive to the age of 90 and beyond. The study sought to find the answers to what factors led to longevity as well as examine cognitive abilities. One of the biggest findings though was that researchers saw that participants in the study that drank a decent amount of alcohol had longer lives than those who didn’t drink at all. Coffee was also noted as boosting longevity, though wine as we all know, is certainly a more fun beverage.

There’s something you must know though about drinking more wine for a longer life. Before you down that whole bottle, the researchers found that the key to wine drinking for longevity was moderation. Just like anything else, too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing anymore. The Mayo Clinic says that moderate consumption for healthy adults over 65 is one glass, and not one filled to the brim as you like.

Moderate consumption of alcohol helps reduce your risk for heart disease, lowers your chances for stroke, and reduces the risk of diabetes. Having a glass of wine with dinner or even a beer after work is a good thing. Having a bottle of wine every night or a case of beer? Not so much. Bing drinking is hazardous, but if we balance drinking with exercise, researchers say longevity prevails.

According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, a study was conducted to analyze how exercise plays a role with consumption of alcohol. While researchers found that the more drinks that were consumed per week, the greater the risk of cancer, this was observed in a group that didn’t exercise. With exercise, it greatly reduced the risk of death.

So, what we can learn from this is that consumption of alcohol is good for you, particularly heart-healthy wine which is a lower calorie option than spirits and beer. Consuming a glass of good wine with your dinner and savoring it is a smart option, while drinking the entire bottle yourself is not recommended. However, if you’re going to drink any alcohol, it’s best that you keep to an active lifestyle and eat healthfully to balance it out. Really, balance is the true key to anything but it’s nice to know that drinking a glass of wine each day is a health-approved reward for a job well-done.

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