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225th Anniversary 1792 Bourbon

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1792 Barton LE 225th Anniversary Bourbon is a bargain if you can find it
In 1792, Kentucky became a Commonwealth and the 15th state to join the nation. This year marks the 225th anniversary of that historic milestone, and Barton Distillery is ready with a special release. 1792 225th Anniversary Bourbon was aged for ten years at the distillery before being bottled at exactly 92.15 proof. The proof is so precise because it too pays homage to the year and Kentucky being the 15th state in the Union. The dark blue neck band on the bottle and back label are also nods to the official state seal of Kentucky. And by the way, you can only purchase this limited edition release in the Bluegrass state, making it an even more desirable treasure for collectors

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Additional Info

Size 750 ml
Man USA (United States of America)
ABV - Alcohol by Volume 46.075%


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